Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy

To make your trip arrangements go more smoothly, check out the Flair Airlines cancellation policy. You can save hassle during modifications by familiarising yourself with the terms and conditions. The Airline offers clear cancellation procedures that explain the potential costs and penalties. Regardless of the reason—a change in schedule or unforeseen circumstances—Flair Airlines will always be honest and fair with its customers. Since canceling your booking with Flair Airlines is simple, you can make an educated decision about your travel plans. Customers may be confident that Flair Airlines places the best on their happiness and works hard to ensure a smooth cancellation procedure. Below is a detailed discussion of the Flair Airlines cancellation policy and its associated terms and conditions!

Key Aspects of the Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Any Flair Airlines ticket can be canceled up to 24 hours after booking for a full refund as long as the journey is at least 7 days away.
  • If there is a three-hour or longer delay or cancellation of your flight:
  • untickedIf your original flight is canceled for reasons beyond the airline’s control and you are dissatisfied with the alternative flight, you can cancel your ticket and get your money back.
  • untickedIf for any reason the airline is unable to fulfill your original flight reservation, they will do their best to reschedule you for the next available flight that departs from the same airport within 48 hours. If the airline takes more than 48 hours to confirm your reservation, you might choose to:
  • untickedGet your money back for the part of your ticket that you didn’t use before you got a new one, or
  • untickedGet on the next available flight with Flair or its partner airline leaving from the same airport (no extra charge, regardless of service class), or
  • untickedIf you find yourself away from your starting point and the alternate flight or travel plans are no longer suitable, you can return to your original location at no extra expense.
  • You cannot cancel your ticket if you purchase Travel FLEX buying or within 24 hours after booking. However, you can change your departure time, destination, or date up to 3 hours before your flight, but you will have to pay the difference in fee.
  • A Big Bundle ticket is refundable, so you can cancel it without paying. Your full fare will be credited to your account following cancellation; you can use it for any future travel up to 24 months from the date of your booking.
  • You can cancel your flight and get your money back, plus compensation, if you are denied boarding for reasons that are not your fault.
  • With proper documentation, you can cancel your ticket and get your money back if:
  • untickedWithin 28 days before your flight’s departure, a member of your immediate family suffers a serious illness or passes away.
  • untickedWhen one or more passengers on the same reservation are severely ill or die, the travel plans of the remaining passengers are canceled.
  • untickedYour presence is required as a juror or under a subpoena.

For ticket cancellations or refunds processed by third parties, such as travel agencies or websites, please connect with those entities directly.

Flair 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Is Flair cancellation policy 24 hours?

Yes, Flair Airlines allows flights to be canceled 24 hours in advance. All travelers are allowed to cancel their flight bookings on Flair within 24 hours of purchase as long as they book at least 7 days before departure, according to the regulation. The Flair 24 hour cancellation policy covers the following points:

  • Within 24 hours of making a reservation, clients can cancel according to Flair Airlines’ cancellation policy. No Flair cancellation fee is required for this. 
  • The Flair 24 hour cancellation policy is in effect for all flights operated by Flair, whether domestic or international. 
  • If customers need to book their flights within 24 hours, they can call customer support services. As an additional option, you can use email or online chat. For assistance with cancellations and any other travel-related inquiries, customers can connect with the customer care team at any time, day or night (24/7). 
  • The original payment method will be refunded in full if the customer cancels within the first 24 hours of making the reservation. 
  • Within 7-10 business days, you will get a reimbursement for your canceled flight reservation. 
  • The Flair 24 hour cancellation policy does not apply to reservations booked less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. 
  • A full refund will be available to those who purchase Flex fare. Only two hours before the departure time will it be valid. 
  • There is a cancellation cost, but customers can rebook their ticket if they miss it or get to the airport after it leaves. 
  • As stated in the Flair Airlines’ Cancellation Policy, Flair Airlines reserves the right to modify or discontinue its Flair 24 hour cancellation policy at any time and without prior notice. 
  • Customers should familiarise themselves with Flair Airlines’ price restrictions and cancellation policy before making a flight reservation to ensure they know what to do if they need to change their travel plans. 

Flair Cancellation Policy Due to Illness or Death of Family Member

Flair Airlines permits passengers to do the following if a member of their immediate family becomes gravely sick or passes away within 28 days before the departure date of the passenger’s flight:

  • Get your money back for the part of the ticket that you didn’t utilize without paying anything more, or
  • Passengers can reschedule their flight(s) without incurring any change fees.
  • Obtain a flight credit that excludes any penalties for travel within the next six months.

The traveler is required to provide legitimate proof of illness or death to be eligible for the waivers described above. If you request a refund, you may show the portion of your ticket or coupon(s) that has not been utilized. 

The Flair Airlines cancellation policy (No-Show)

Flair Flight’s no-show policy is part of their cancellation policy as well. This applies to passengers who fail to notify the airline in time for their journey and thus miss their departure. Always read the airline’s no-show policy before confirming your reservation. Flair Airlines has a cancellation policy that everyone should know about No Show. Discover the ins and outs of Flair Air’s no-show policy, from its definition to the consequences it could have. 

  • Not showing up for your flight will result in the cancellation of your reservation. You won’t be able to get your money back or use it towards future trips. 
  • The no-show policy does include a few exceptions. It covers medical crises and situations beyond your control that could lead you to miss your trip. If this happens, they may provide you with a travel credit for the full amount of your reservation. 
  • Always be punctual and check the flight’s status page for the latest departure time to prevent being a no-show. If you expect to be late or miss your flight, contact them immediately to cancel or reschedule your reservation. 
  • There may be change costs and fare difference charges associated with rebooking after missing a flight. 
  • In case of an emergency, it is critical to cancel your flight without delay. You can prevent being known as a no-show with its help. 

Flair Airlines Cancellation Fee

The Flair Airlines Cancellation Fee varies based on the type and timing of ticket purchased: 

  • Cancellations received within 24 hours of the booking will not incur any fees.
  • Reservations should be made at least 7 days before the departure date.
  • The method you originally used to pay will get a complete refund.
  • Flair Airlines Cancellation Fee is zero for Big Bundle tickets.
  • At least three hours before departure, you are required to cancel.
  • A 24-month travel credit will be granted to you from the date of booking.

Cancellation fees for regular tickets are time-sensitive and per flight/passenger. Termination of any flight by Flair Airlines:

  • There is a $39.50 + tax cancellation fee if made seven days or more before departure.
  • Cancellations made between 48 and 7 days before departure will be charged $59 plus tax.
  • There will be a Flair Airlines Cancellation Fee of $99 plus tax if made between 48 and 3 hours before departure.
  • If your payment is made less than three hours before departure, your travel money will be forfeited.

The Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy for Cancelled Flights

In the case of automatic cancellations, the Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy is based on unanticipated events. When a flight is automatically canceled for operational reasons, this policy is in place to give passengers clear directions. Get familiar with the following reasons why flights are automatically canceled: 

  • Natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, etc. 
  • To ensure the safety of the crew and passengers, Flair Air reserves the right to cancel the journey in the event of a mechanical issue with the aircraft.
  • Flair Air can cancel flights if there are issues with air traffic control, like airport closures or limits on airspace. 
  • Flair Air may be forced to cancel the trip if there are insufficient crew members to operate it. 

Flair Airlines Compensation Policy

Passengers will be provided with the following complimentary services by the Carrier in the event of a flight delay, cancellation, or denied boarding that is within their control or the control of the Carrier for safety. This must happen no later than 12 hours before the additional ticket’s departure time. The Carrier will also fulfill its communication obligations:

If Flair Airlines cancels a flight for reasons other than safety, passengers will get a minimum of $125 if they are notified within 14 days of the flight’s scheduled departure. 

Event Compensation: $125 carrier-controlled, non-safety-related. 

Flair Airlines compensates for airline cancellations in several situations: 

Flight Delay Compensation: To compensate qualified passengers for flight delays due to weather, air traffic congestion, aircraft maintenance, security concerns, operational issues, airline policies, etc., Flair Flight offers cancellation compensation. If the passenger is advised of a delay 14 days or less before the flight’s scheduled departure time and the delay is due to causes beyond the carrier’s control and not safety concerns, the minimum compensation indicated below may apply: 

  • If the passenger’s flight extends three hours or longer, but no more than six hours, and it still arrives at the original ticketed location, the cost is $400.
  • If the passenger’s flight extends six hours or longer, but no more than nine hours, and it still arrives at the original ticketed location, the cost is $700.
  • if the aircraft is nine hours or more later than the originally anticipated arrival time at the given destination, the traveler will be compensated with $1,000. 

Delayed Arrival

According to the Flair Airlines compensation policy, if a passenger’s flight is three hours or more but less than six hours late to the original ticketed destination, the airline may compensate the passenger $125. Reimbursement will only be granted if the carrier is at fault for the delay, and not in cases when it is essential for safety reasons. If the airline has aircraft mechanical issues, for example, the customer may be eligible for payment. 

Longer Delays

If the traveler’s flight is delayed by six hours or more but less than nine hours, the airline may pay $250 to the passenger if the flight arrives at the original ticket destination. If the carrier is at fault for the delay, rather than if it is necessary for safety, then this refund will apply. 

Extended Delays

A passenger may be eligible for $500 in compensation from the airline if their aircraft is delayed by nine hours or more and does not arrive at the original ticketed location. If the carrier is at fault for the delay, rather than if it is necessary for safety, then this refund will apply. 

Tarmac Delays

According to the Flair Airlines compensation policy, in the event of a tarmac delay, the airline is obligated to provide affected passengers with adequate communication (if feasible), non-alcoholic refreshments, functioning restrooms, adequate heating, cooling, and ventilation, and enough food and drink. 

Assisting passengers in obtaining necessary medical care is the responsibility of the Carrier. 

With very few circumstances, passengers are allowed to disembark from the plane if it is stuck on the Canadian airport tarmac for more than three hours. Priority boarding is granted to passengers with impairments and their accompanying individuals, including service animals and emotional support animals. We shall inquire as to whether passengers with disabilities would like to disembark before everyone else. 

Denied Boarding Compensation

The rejected boarding must be within the control of the carrier, not for safety reasons, for minimum compensation to apply. How much money a passenger gets depends on how long it took their plane to get to where they were supposed to go.

  • 900 dollars for up to six-hour delays.
  • 1800 dollars for six to nine-hour delays
  • 2400 dollars for nine more hour delays
  • Payment shall be made by the Carrier as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours after the boarding denial. 
  • The predicted arrival time of the flight will be used to compute compensation if it is paid before the substitute travel arrangements are ready. 
  • If the refund cannot be sent before boarding, the Carrier is required to confirm the amount due in writing. 
  • The carrier will make adjustments to the compensation amount if real-time arrival is later than expected and it falls short of the minimum amount necessary. 

Lost or Damaged Baggage Compensation

The Carrier must pay the passenger if their luggage goes lost or is damaged. Here are the details of what the compensation covers:

  • If the customer pays to have their luggage replaced because it was lost or damaged, the carrier will pay to get it back.
  • Additionally, the passenger is entitled to reimbursement from the Carrier for the whole value of their luggage and its contents. 
  • In addition, the passenger will be reimbursed by the Carrier for any expenses that occur during the trip’s intermediate stages. Items needed on the voyage are what are called interim costs. 
  • Since most bags are eventually found, passengers are advised to replace as few goods as possible. 
  • Up to 2,100 Canadian dollars is the most the Carrier can be held liable for. 
  • Higher values cannot be covered by the Carrier. Still, travelers with such a desire can get in touch with a third-party insurance broker.

How to cancel Flair Tickets

Customers can save time and money with Flair Airlines’ cancellation policy, which offers several choices for flight cancellation. Here are several ways that flight congestion might be simplified! 

Methods for Cancelling Flair Tickets Online

  • To begin, visit Flair Airlines‘ official website at flairair.com. 
  • After you’ve accessed the website, search for “My Bookings” in the top menu. 
  • If you haven’t done so previously, please access your Flair Airlines account. 
  • After that, choose the flight you want to cancel from your reservation list. 
  • Press the “Cancel” button to end the flight cancellation process. You will receive a travel credit for the amount of your reservation less any cancellation fees. 

Cancelling Flair Tickets over the Phone

Here are the steps to follow when making a flight reservation over the phone: 

  • Find the phone number for Flair Air first. You may find it under their website’s “Contact Us” section. 
  • Once you have the number, dial the customer service hotline. Tell them you’d like to put off your trip. In addition to explaining the process, they will also let you know if there are any cancellation penalties. 

Flight Ticket Cancellation Procedures at the Airport: 

To alleviate airport traffic: 

  • Find a Flair Airlines ticket counter near you. That’s the first step. You can find a list of sites on the Flair Airlines website. 
  • Once you’ve found the ticket desk, you need to visit it in person. If you need to change your flight time, call the Flair Airlines customer service number. Throughout the process, they will be there to help you. Any cancellation fees will also be communicated to you by them. 


Understanding the Flair Airlines cancellation policy helps passengers adjust their trip arrangements. Flair Airlines strives to provide openness and flexibility, however restrictions and costs vary by ticket type and cancellation timing. By understanding cancellation policies, travelers may make educated decisions and manage their arrangements. Flair Airlines accommodates passengers’ demands while maintaining fairness and clarity in its cancellation policy, regardless of schedule changes or unanticipated situations.


Does Flair have cancellation policy?

If a traveler has to cancel their reservation for a full refund and their journey is more than 7 days away, they have 24 hours from the time of booking to do so, but this only applies to CAN-USA and international flights (defined as flights that take off or land outside of Canada). Explore the Flair Airlines Cancellation Policy for more information.

How do I get my money back from Flair?

Guests who have completed their planned flights are not eligible for refunds under Flair Airlines’ strong policy. No matter what happens or why, after a flight has taken off, you won’t get your money back for the ticket, extra services, or anything else related to the trip.

Does Flair give free drinks?

One more thing we can do to keep our prices low is to not provide free food or snacks at the ticket price. On the other hand, we sell delicious snacks and beverages onboard in case you get hungry. Air travel places a premium on space.

How to talk to someone at Flair Airlines?

Call +1-866-666-0203 to speak with a Flair Airlines representative.

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