How To Change Name On Delta Ticket

You planned your vacation carefully, double-checked everything, and finally booked the flight with Delta. But as you review your itinerary, you notice a glaring misspelling. Or maybe you’ve recently said “I do” and need to update your last name on your ticket. These are a couple of cases that need to be renamed. It’s significant to understand the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy to ensure a seamless process and avoid any last-minute stress. Let’s explore how to navigate these situations with ease and confidence. Make sure your travel plans stay on track.

Types of Name Changes Allowed Under Delta Airlines Name Change Policy

Delta Airlines offers flexibility in making name changes. The types of name changes permitted under the Delta name change policy. Here are different types of name change permission

Minor Corrections

  • Please contact the Delta office in your city or country or the travel agency from whom you purchased your ticket without delay if you discover an error in the name on your ticket. Keep in mind that at busy times. There can be a slight delay. Once you realize the mistake at the airport, present your government-issued identification at the Delta ticket desk.
  • Flights must be run by companies, and the stock must begin with 006.
  • Delta Airlines will change the name on a ticket for trip segments that are part of a codeshare or interline agreement, as per the Delta name change policy.
  • Delta Airlines will only change the name on one ticket at a time.
  • The flight times, fare class, or destination points could not be changed. Also, the gender or date of birth could not be changed or fixed.
  • You can only make minor Delta Corrections of up to three letters.
  • The Delta Name Change Policy would cover changes to the date of birth or gender.
  • Only small changes could be made to the date of birth if mistakes were made when the reservation was made.
  • One change is asked for each passenger. Any other changes to the traveler’s details would not be paid for by the passengers.
  • If Delta Airlines’ name correction request has already been handled and the father’s name needs to be changed, the ticket needs to be issued again. 

Full Name Changes

  • Delta Airlines requires valid legal evidence (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) to process name changes following marriage or divorce. You should expect to have your ticket reissued and charged the appropriate amount for changing your name.
  • Although it is not necessary to fill in the middle name if you have to, fill it out carefully. It simply means that you should mention the same middle name that is mentioned on your government identification certificate.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy on Delta SkyMiles

To change or update the name in the SkyMiles account, Delta Airlines provides several methods that are efficient for passengers. It is worth noting here that the names of the passengers should match the government-issued ID.

Here are two ways that SkyMiles members can ask Delta to change the name on their ticket.

  • Changing your SkyMiles account is as easy as logging in, filling out the Identity Verification Form, and uploading the necessary documents (e.g., marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, etc.).
  • Whereas to connect by phone you can connect with Delta Customer Service. You get the customer service number on the company website.

There is no need to submit paperwork when altering your middle name. It includes adding a middle name, changing your middle name to an initial, or changing your middle initial to your full name. All you have to do is go onto your SkyMiles account and make the necessary adjustments.

Fees Associated with Name Changes

Any U.S. airline will gladly let you change a single letter or the complete name (by simply canceling your ticket and rebooking it with the right name) at no cost to you within 24 hours of purchase. 

If you would like to modify or correct your name after 24 hours after purchasing your ticket, you will be charged USD 200 as a name change fee, and the preceding waiver will not apply.

How To Change Name On Delta Ticket?

Renaming a Delta ticket may seem daunting, but a manageable process once you understand the steps involved. Here is a complete guide for you:

Understand the Delta Name Change Policy: It is important to understand the Delta Name 

Change Policy before making any changes. What is it and what does it allow, it saves time and hassle down the line.

Check Eligibility: Delta allows name changes for legal name changes and certain other circumstances. Don’t forget to ensure that your reason for changing the name aligns with the Delta Name Change Policy.

Contact Delta: Connect with Delta’s Customer Service. You will also get the phone numbers on the Airline website. Alternatively, you can go to Delta’s website and sign in to your account. Go to the “Manage Booking” section, where you will find options for making changes to your reservation. Find a way to change or update passenger details.

Provide Information: During the name change process, airlines may ask you for information such as your reservation number, the current name on the ticket, and the new name you wish to change it to. Along with all this necessary documentation, keep the marriage certificate or legal name change document ready. 

Review Changes: After submitting the request, review whether all the changes are accurate. Double-check the spelling of the new name and confirm whether it matches the government-issued ID.

Pay Any Applicable Fees: Delta may charge a fee for name change processing. Be prepared to pay this fee, and confirm the fee with Delta before proceeding.

Update Other Travel Documents: Be sure to revise any other travel documents, such as your passport or driving license, to reflect the new name after the change is finalized.


Delta Airlines Name Change Policy is a must for passengers for smooth and hassle-free travel. When a typo, a marriage, or something else entirely, Delta covers you with their name change option. To guarantee the proper and accurate processing of your name change request, please go straight to Delta and follow the instructions provided in this guide. To avoid issues later on, make sure to validate and evaluate the modifications before delivering any required paperwork. You can relax and enjoy your flight more with the help of Delta’s customer care and their online tools, which make changing the name on your ticket a breeze. 


Can I transfer my Delta airline ticket to someone else?

Unfortunately, Delta does not permit customers to transfer their tickets to another individual. But there are some cases when you might be able to get your money back for the ticket you didn’t use. Refunds are available for the majority of eTickets bought straight from Delta.

Does Delta allow name changes on tickets?

Changing the name on a Delta flight ticket is possible, but there are fees and requirements involved. Delta Flights’ customer support is the best place to go for assistance. To get more information, explore the Delta Airlines Name Change Policy.

How do I change my name on my Delta account?

Changing your name on a Delta flight might be as easy as going into your account, finding your reservation, and clicking the “Change or Modify Name” button.

Does Delta charge a change fee?

Domestic U.S., Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands flights on Delta do not incur any change costs. Delta offers free ticket changes for all international destinations (including those served by joint venture and codeshare partners) when you book your flight from the US, Canada, or the Caribbean.

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