Is Spirit Airlines Safe?

Is Spirit Airlines Safe? Cheap Flights, Big Worries? A travel dream is difficult to come true on a budget. For Spirit Airlines, this statement is nothing more than a myth. Airlines offer budget-conscious customers promising getaways with incredibly low fares without spending an extra penny. But it is okay to compromise on comfort for cost, but what about safety? Of course, safety is the biggest concern. Can you truly have it all: affordable flights and peace of mind? Let’s analyze the safety record of Spirit Airlines and try to know- Is Spirit Airlines Safe?

However, let’s begin with the factors that contribute to Spirit Airlines being budget-friendly.

Why is Spirit Airline Cheap?

Spirit Airlines has become synonymous with budget travel. Their low fares make your dream vacation come true. But how is this possible for Spirit? Let’s understand:

The “Unbundled” Approach: Unlike traditional airlines, Spirit operates on an “unbundled” model, where the base fare does not include checked luggage, seat selection, and in-flight meals. You need to pay extra fare for checked bag and carry-on fees, seat selection, and even a bottle of water.

Maximizing Efficiency: Spirit is a master of efficiency. They operate a single-aisle Airbus A320 family fleet, streamlining maintenance and pilot training. They also prioritize quick turnarounds on the ground, minimizing time spent between flights and maximizing aircraft utilization. This focus on efficiency translates to cost savings, which they can then pass on to passengers in the form of lower fares.

High Passenger Density: Compared to other airlines, Spirit carries more passengers on board its planes. Its high-density seating arrangement allows it to spread operating costs over more people, further reducing the base fare. This is the reason that seats on airlines have less legroom, and one may have to face extreme crowding during the journey.

Fuel Efficiency: Airlines rely on the modern Airbus A320 family, which is focused on keeping costs down. The fuel efficiency of these aircraft is commendable, they can cover long distances even at low fuel costs. Hence, Spirit keeps its airfare low.

Is Spirit Airlines Safe – Understanding Airline Safety

Safety Ratings and Records: Spirit Airlines has a stellar reputation for customer safety and is devoted to ensuring its passengers have worry-free flights. The airline is continuously rated as meeting or exceeding all safety criteria and requirements by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Regular safety checks, pilot educational courses, and aircraft maintenance are some of the solid safety standards that the airline has put in place. 

With such few incidents, Spirit Airlines has an excellent safety record when compared to its competitors. Compared to its competitors, the airline has a far lower accident rate per million departures. The dedication of Spirit Airlines to the safety of its staff members and passengers is evident in this information. 

Next time, if you have a question – is Spirit Airlines safe, consider its’ ratings and records.

Spirit Airlines’ Safety History: Based on their incident rate per 100,000 flight operations, lack of fatalities, and injury rate of less than fifteen in the past five years, Spirit Airlines is WalletHub’s pick for the safest airline. The airline’s score was further assisted by its fleet of relatively recent planes. 

It suggests that Spirit’s customer service is on par with the major US airlines such as American, United, and Delta. In the case of upholding safety regulations, Spirit is on par with these other airlines. Plus, all Spirit Airlines planes are FAA-certified and fly by all rules and regulations. Furthermore, reviews, statistics, and other forms of compliance demonstrate that Spirit carriers are just as secure as the other major carriers. Even more impressively, Spirit Airlines has one of the world’s few unrivaled safety records. 

Spirit Airlines skimps on many things to save money and improve service, but it spares its customers any danger if it comes to their safety. 

A Look at Spirit Airlines’ Safety Measures

However, Spirit Airlines maintains a clean safety record with no fatal accidents, which assures safe landings. Yet, there are other factors to consider when evaluating their overall security approach. Let’s find out these points that contribute to a safe flying experience!

1. Aircraft Fleet & Age: Spirit primarily operates Airbus A320 family aircraft, which are also known for their reliability and fuel efficiency. The average age of their fleet falls within industry standards. But while a new fleet is considered more profitable and safer, Spirit still insists on regular maintenance for aircraft safety. Spirit adheres to FAA maintenance regulations to ensure Spirit’s aircraft are airworthy and meet all safety requirements.

2. Pilot Training & Experience: Spirit pilots undergo rigorous pilot training, which makes it even more difficult to meet FAA standards. These programs cover everything from aircraft systems and procedures to emergency response protocols. Additionally, Spirit pilots continuously participate in ongoing training and simulations to maintain their skills and adapt to evolving safety protocols.

3. Maintenance Procedures: Spirit adheres to strict FAA aircraft maintenance regulations, including routine inspections, preventive maintenance, and compliance with all airworthiness directives (ADs) issued by the FAA. These advertisements address potential safety concerns identified by manufacturers or regulatory bodies. It is important to follow these rules to avoid mechanical problems and ensure safe flight.

4. Customer satisfaction: Spirit Airlines isn’t perfect, but it has an impressive track record of customer satisfaction and is always working to improve its safety measures. The airline’s dedication to safety is evident in its attempts to enhance services and listen to passenger feedback. In a 2021 evaluation of Airline Quality Ratings, Spirit Airlines was shown to have one of the largest increases among US carriers. 

5. Transparency & Communication: Spirit Airlines focuses on transparency in safety practices. From time to time, the airlines update information on the airlines’ achievements, safety records commitment to safety standards, etc., on their official website. Additionally, airlines train their crew to prioritize passenger safety and effectively communicate any potential issues or procedures during a flight.

Making an Informed Decision: Is Spirit Airlines Safe or Not, you can make an informed decision by understanding the safety measures and accident history. Budget-friendly travel is essential, but always give priority to safety. Spirit’s commitment to following FAA regulations, pilot training, and aircraft maintenance reflects its dedication to passenger safety.

Conclusion: Ultimately, passengers should have trust in Spirit’s ability to provide a safe and enjoyable flight experience due to its preparedness to address any concerns. To answer your most frequent question, ” Is Spirit Airlines Safe” the answer is yes. Among the many flying possibilities, it is definitely among the safest.


Is Spirit Airlines safe and reliable?

Spirit follows strict safety regulations set by the aviation authority. Along with this, airlines employ highly trained pilots and crew members who guarantee a satisfactory journey.

Is Delta or Spirit safer?

According to WalletHub for the second consecutive year, Delta has been ranked 1st, and Spirit has been ranked 2nd.

Why is Spirit Airlines cheap?

Spirit Airlines is cheap because it follows the “Unbundled” Approach, maximizes efficiency, and focuses on fuel efficiency.

What is Spirit ranked in airlines?

Spirit has been ranked 3rd in the list of The Best Airlines In 2024, released by Forbes.

Is American Airlines safer than Spirit?

Although it has not been confirmed, the AirAdvisor Airline Safety Score has placed United, Alaska, Allegiant Air, American, Hawaiian, Southwest, and Spirit Airlines among the most secure airlines.

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